Benefits of Using Dual Monitors

Why do people need to use dual monitors? By using two or more monitors can boost productivity and make you able to maintain a great work-life balance.


Significantly Improve Productivity

    Over the last few years, Microsoft's Research Center has conducted studies to determine the efficacy of dual-monitor configurations in boosting productivity and increasing user satisfaction. Findings indicate that by adding another monitor to the computing environment, users can improve productivity by 9% to 50%.

    Shake Up Your Workplace

      Some people may think that purchasing a second monitor is a colossal waste of money, the truth is, with a second monitor, you can accomplish multiple tasks such as previewing effects, writing emails or articles in a fraction of the time. More room and workspace mean greater workingcomfort, which directly translates to better productivity.

       With dual monitors like Vissles-M, you can expand your workspace on your computer’s desktop.

      Advantages of Having Dual Monitors

        You can use shortcut keys in conjunction with mouse movements to quickly switch between applications. What’s more, with a second monitor, you can segment your tasks, for instance with one screen collecting the stream of incoming data, another focused-on output information, or additional task needs at the moment. You can also view and compare files side-by-side. Research also finds that after experiencing the advantages of dual monitors, many users are reluctant to shift back to a single monitor, especially laptop users.


        In general, most people tend to purchase a large-size monitor to place in the office or home as dedicated monitors for a specific area. In this regard, purchasing a $200 portable extend monitor is relatively more cost-efficient.

        Vissles 15.6-inch portable touchscreen monitor

        Vissles-M portable monitor with a screen size of 15.6-inch, it redefines the traditional monitor that is bulky and inflexible, and can better meet the needs of mobile office, Vissles-M is particularly useful for laptop users. With dual full-featured USB-C ports and a Mini HDMI port, Vissles-M is compatible with almost all laptops. Other than that, it can also be used as an extended screen for game consoles since it supports mobile phones with extended display screen function.


        The Vissles-M screen is a peripheral device that can give users maximum support in work, study, and everyday life.


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