2018 🚀
Vissles was founded in 2018 with a mission of presenting integrated services for the production and marketing of high-quality portable products. With excellence in both product design and production, high-impact digital marketing strategies and operations, Vissles delivers unprecedented and innovative shopping experience through online channels. Our in-house designs and direct supply chain allow customers to purchase from the portable monitor, wireless charger, earbuds, and keyboard so that they can save tons without sacrificing the quality.


As a passionate techy brand which manifest designer's dreams with top-notch products, Vissles uses only the highest quality materials, adhering to the principles of 'simplicity and efficiency'. Vissles wants to give everyone access to technology and rewrite the definition of modern living with innovative products.

We hope to establish the most sought-after brand and produce trendsetting portable products. Poppin your life with ease creates a win-win situation for individuals, enterprises, and society.

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